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Heyo. I’m Matt, a writer from the SF bay area who recently moved to Chicagolandia.

Ever read a great article and want to know more about who wrote it, but all that’s written at the bottom is the meagre little line,

[Writer]’s work has appeared in [publication], [publication], and [publication].

How about some details about the person?

But I get why they do this. You, the reader, want to know that a writer is legit. If they’ve been around the block once or twice, their words and ideas can be mostly trusted. They are a Writer, which sets them apart from the lower-case writer.

Fair enough. I’ll do it, for you.

I’ve been published in many magazines/newspapers (FINE Magazine, Tower Magazine, San Diego Union-Tribune), some websites (Woodcock Media, HubPages, Bay City Beacon), and a few literary journals (Currents, The Collective Voice). And whenever I get the chance, I add to this list of Places I’ve Been Published.

But again, who cares? The point is, I like to write. At this point, you know that. As a reader, I’d be more interested to find out more about the person than about all the places the person has written.

So here it goes.

The first thing you should know is while the magazine/website stuff is fun, my real focus is the stuff that’s usually — and too seriously — called Litrahchah a.k.a. stories, essays, etc. At the moment, I’m piecing together my first collection of stories, and risking it all by publishing some of them here on Substack. I’m also a writer with lots of non-writing related hobbies. I like to go outside, ride my bike, swim in lakes, do improv, make attempts at performing stand-up, shoot short films. I studied Creative Writing & Literature at the University of California, San Diego, where all I did was read and write and edit the school newspaper, which was grand. And when that was over, I started working as UX Writer, which is still my day job.

Anywho, welcome to my Substack. I hope you’ll subscribe and let me send you whatever weirdness comes out of my mushy brain on a weekly basis. If you want to catch me elsewhere, I’m @mattzamudio on IG, and can be found generally roaming around the Chicago area.

Thanks for stopping by :)


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Writer with lots of non-writing hobbies. Author of the newsletter "matt," a place for writers and readers to geek out. Overall nice guy.