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I’m Matt Zamudio, a writer from the SF bay area who recently moved to Chicagolandia.

Ever read a great article and want to know more about who wrote it, but all that’s written at the bottom is the meagre little line,

[Writer]’s work has appeared in [publication], [publication], and [publication].

How about some details about the person?

But I get why they do this. You, the reader, want to know that a writer is legit. If they’ve been around the block once or twice, their words and ideas can be mostly trusted. They are a Writer, which sets them apart from the lower-case writer.

Fair enough. I’ll do it, for you. But if I admit that I’m only about three-quarters of the way through my first lap around the block, does that make me trustworthy or not?

I’ve been published in many magazines/newspapers (FINE Magazine, Tower Magazine, San Diego Union-Tribune), some websites (Woodcock Media, HubPages, Bay City Beacon), and a few literary journals (Currents, The Collective Voice). And whenever I get the chance, I add to this list of Places I’ve Been Published.

But again, who cares? The point is, I like to write. I’m determined to achieve my goals as a Writer. At this point, you know that. As a reader, I’d be more interested to find out more about the person than about all the places the person has written.

The first thing you should know is while the magazine/website stuff is fun, my real focus is the literary stuff a.k.a. stories, essays, musings, exercises in style, and everything else that might be considered art for art’s sake. Another way of thinking about this kind of writing? It’s the hard stuff, the stuff that takes years to perfect, and the stuff that most people seem to not care much about. That leaves the door wide open for what you might find written here, just the way I like it.

I’m also a writer with lots of non-writing related hobbies. The first thing I can remember being good at were athletics. I was a pretty damn good swimmer, alright. I’ve got records that still stand, okay. If I loved competitive swimming a little more I might have made it to Olympic trials, which would have been as good as the Olympics to me. But the second thing I remember being good at? Reading and writing. And unlike swimming, I loved these activities. I went and studied Creative Writing & Literature at the University of California, San Diego. It was grand. All I did was write and read and edit the school newspaper. When that was done, I didn’t go to graduate school—though I’m still considering it. I worked, writing for publications and developing my craft as a UX Writer, which is still my day job.

Having both the traits of an athlete and writer has turned out to be a rather interesting combination. I find it hard to sit still or stay inside too long, which is exactly what you have to do to make a living writing books. But I don’t think these tendencies are incompatible. I like reading outside, riding my bike, swimming, hiking, DJing, traveling, working on cars and motorcycles, playing with my dog a.k.a doing things I can write about later. I saw a quote once. I believe Ben Franklin said it.

Write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.

I took that to heart. It seemed to fit my life pretty perfectly. And so, if nothing else, whatever lands in your inbox from this newsletter will be (I hope) worth reading, inspired by something I’ve done, or both.

Writer Specifications

Name: Matthew Angel Zamudio
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Ethnicity: Mexican-American (but appears White and benefits from it)
Favorite word in the English language: Thicket
Favorite word in the Spanish language: Agua
Pet Owner: Yes, an all-black pup named Archer
# Cups of Coffee Per Day: 2-3

What’s the cadence?

I publish a newsletter every Friday. At the bottom of Friday newsletters, I do something called the Weekly Three, where I give you something to HEAR (a song), to READ (article/book), and something to VIEW (video/artwork).

Friday is a sure thing, but for paid subscribers, I’ll post extra super-duper exclusive tidbits.

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Matt Zamudio
Writer with lots of non-writing hobbies. Author of the newsletter "matt," a place for writers and readers to geek out. Overall nice guy.