“I think I would either immediately die, I said, or love them more than I’ve loved anything. “

Such a raw yet deep answer… i believe it to be true.

Writing, like other forms of creativity (film, painting, a bread baking recipe) are I think one of the few ways we can achieve immortality, or at least as close as one can get to immortality. The lasting impression that our vulnerability can have on others along with the creative journey that one must go through in order to construct the proper words and sentences together to ensure understanding are a few ways that make writing the perfect waste of time.

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Absolutely. Writing/reading are certainly one of the primary ways to "live" in the mind of another, which is potentially what we should be striving for in all aspects of life: the connectedness of the whole, rather than the isolated black-hole of focusing only on ourselves. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Brandon. Safe travels!!

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